Introducing K8 – Our Newest Writer!

Kate Crowder is the newest writer on You already know her as “Daughter” – my kiddo referred to in many articles here.

My name is Kate Crowder and I’m two years old. I know this because my mother (whom I call Taica, and you call Bon) tells me everyday.

I repeat it and she smiles and says, “YAY!” So I’m good with saying it over and over again.

She also tells me that two is the positive square root of four.

I’m positive that she’s nuts, but again, she smiles when I try to repeat it, so I keep doing it. Sometimes you just have to keep the grownups happy.

Taica and I do a lot of math. We say words like “associative” and “commutative” and talk about patterns.

I worry about her counting though – “math” does have four letters – so I make sure to practice counting with her a lot.

I’m the new writer!

I’m excited about joining the writing team here at Math Is Not a Four Letter Word.

Taica and Uncle Wil write and do videos here all the time, so I thought I could help out. Their mission is to make sure that all my friends are cool with math like I am.

And I really am – you should hear me say “Yay math!”

Everyone should know they’re good at math. That’s the first step in the process. If you know you do math anyway and you know you’re good at it by default, then you’ll be able to handle the stuff they throw at you in school.

Most grownups don’t know that they already do math, though.

And that’s where I come in.

PickleTaica shows me all the time where math is in our world. Whenever I eat a Vlasic Oval pickle slice, she tells me it’s an ellipse. Even grating cheese is a math discussion.

I’ll be writing about the fun parts of my life with a mathematician mom. And you can see how my dad and I do math things too – sometimes for learning and sometimes to impress my mom, Taica.

And maybe I can get you to see some math in your own life. And that will help you be more positive so that your kids will be as excited about math as I am.

Yay math!

K8Kate Crowder is a full time kid who can count to 20 and only miss the number 15. K8 has joined the team as a regular writer. Connect with her in the comments or on the contact page.

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