Cheesy Math – No, Really. Math & Cheese!

Last night was taco night and my job was to grate the cheese.

I didn’t get too far in before I noticed some math.

For some reason I always start grating on a corner. Then I rotate the block so I’m grating on another corner. After doing this a few times I noticed the angles I was creating:

And what exactly are the shapes, anyway? What is the shape of the grating holes of the grater? And what is the resulting shape of the cheese sliver?

How much cheese is in the pile after you “fluff” it by grating it? What’s the volume of fluffed cheese compared with stuck-together-in-a-block cheese?

More importantly, is there enough for two grownups and a toddler? (When one of the grownups loves cheese!)

What are your math curiosities in the kitchen?

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