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Finding Math in the Strangest Places

You can see math in really strange places. Here's a list of 16 of them!I’ve written a lot. Including 160 posts on my crazy “cutting my teeth” blog, Idearella.com, two dozen guest posts, and 530 posts on MathFour.com.

But my favorites pieces all involve how math can be seen in weird and unusual ways.

Which prompted me to collect some of my fav’s. Which I thought I’d share, in case you’re as curious about it as I am.

  1. pickles
  2. toilet paper
  3. zombies
  4. Christmas trees
  5. lipstick
  6. potato chips
  7. crossing the street
  8. bedsheets and folding them
  9. tattoos
  10. drug dealing
  11. laundry
  12. hurting the ones you love
  13. social media
  14. marriage
  15. hearts and more hearts
  16. turkeys

How about you?

Where’s your favorite place to see math? Share a comment or link below, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

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3 Responses to Football vs. Furniture – A Tale of Probabilities

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support of Gallery Furniture!

    We are so excited for all the great customers who won based on our previous Pigskin Promotion where Gallery Furniture is paying out over $650,000 in refunds to our fantastic customers. We are even more excited about our NEW Big Game Promotion where we will pay out millions more if the team from Seattle wins.

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    • Hey y’all! I’m always glad to support a local business and hero. :)

      I’m excited to hear about your SuperBowl promo – I’ll keep my eyes peels in my inbox!

      • Thanks Bon, as always we truly appreciate your support! We’re all thrilled for our amazing customers who won the Previous Pigskin Promotion. Our NEW Big Game Promotion sure is exciting with The Big Game right being around the corner! As our owner and fearless leader Mack said, What’s good for Gallery Furniture customers is good for Gallery Furniture and good for Houston! Gallery Furniture is a touchdown for every customer, every time! http://bit.ly/BigGamePromo

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2 Responses to Christmas Ornament Craft with Fractions!

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3 Responses to Blog Giveaways – How People Lose

  1. Bon, I’m in no way a “math” person, but yes, I figured that out a long time ago!! I’m like you — why do I want *more* people to enter since that will *reduce* my chances of winning?! Ha! Plus, I don’t like my FB newsfeed clogged with “so-n-so entered a contest–you can too!” so I really don’t want to do that to others. So even trying to be nice & considerate will reduce the number of times you are entered in a contest.

  2. Bad Bon. I love the article, now I don’t know what to do. I host giveaways myself so I better keep sharing. Now I will think of you every time I enter (and share) a giveaway and the math behind it!

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One Response to When’s Your Next Palindrome Birthday?

  1. This is an interesting exercise, and definitely a challenge if you try to calculate dates by hand! Good work on creating the spreadsheet! You can also calculate palindrome dates by actual dates as day/month/year… such as 4/27/24, or 12/25/21. You don’t require any calculations, other than a simple examination of your date before completing the year. I just noticed by looking at this that I missed (ok, failed to appreciate!) my palindrome birthday this year on 3/17/13!! :(

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One Response to Why We Use Numbers as Labels

  1. Oh, but you DO do arithmetic with house numbers – or at least, I used to: if I wanted to know how far away I was from home, I’d check the house number I was cycling past, subtract it from my house number and divide by 100 to get the rough number of blocks left to ride.

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