50 Word Friday – The Math Mini-Saga Series

Old Building by Anna Cervova

I’m listening to Dan Pink’s book A Whole New Mind and loving it! I found this great review and synopsis of it on Daily Creativity.

In the Story Portfolio, there’s a suggestion to create a mini-saga. It’s a story in exactly 50 words, not counting the title.

“What a great idea,” I thought, “Can it be done with math?”

Well, of course it can. But what that will look like, I’m not sure. So I’m launching 50 Word Friday – a Friday series for these mini-sagas.

The first is about me:

When Life Happens, Maybe It’s Happening Right

A girl spent years in college. Learning, then teaching, math. Mostly because she didn’t want to get a job. Then she joined corporate life as a choice. She soon realized that the previous unchosen path was more appropriate for her than a life in corporate American. And here she is.

Do you have a mini-saga? Tell your story in exactly 50 words and share it in the comments!

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7 Responses to 50 Word Friday – The Math Mini-Saga Series

  1. I love this idea! (And you know I love Dan Pink too!) His ideas on how to cultivate your creativity at the end of his book are so fun. I’m glad to see you are using this one on your site. I’ll look forward to these!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!

      I wonder if I shouldn’t try responding to comments in fifty words too. What would that feel like?

      It is definitely more challenging because you have to run out to Word to count the words.

      But it might be fun.

      I look forward to reading Poke the Box!

  2. I often give my students an exact word count for a math auto bio assignment. I got the idea anticipating that annoying, ubiquitous question, “How long do you want it?” Very fun to answer, “495 words.” (a favorite target, kaprekar constant can use in another assignment)

    this is 50 words.

    • How fun, Debra!

      My favorite English teacher in high school used to say our paper had to be the length of the girls skirt, “long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting.”

      Thanks so much for your 50 word comment!

  3. And That’s Learning

    I love math. Always have. I left a 20 year technical computer career to raise and homeschool my sons. We don’t use curricula much. I think this website is great! Not only do I say “and that’s math”, I often say “oh, that was school today” after some fun learning.

    • Thanks a bunch, Nancy!

      I’m partnering with my Little Brother on creating And That’s Math!

      He mentioned that at some point we might need to expand to more than just math. (He’s a licensed professional counselor, so he’s thinking across the board, not just in math.)

      So your, “And That’s Learning,” is really appropriate!

      Thanks so much for your comments and your kind words!

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