Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rod Tree

Cuisenaire Rods are brightly colored wooden sticks. Technically, they’re “proportionally sized rectangular parallelepipeds.” (But only say that if you want to hear your 3 year old repeat something really cute!)

The “proportional” thing is important. The white ones are 1cm square, the red ones are twice as long and each color is 1cm more than the next color.

I’m anticipating many articles and videos on how to teach with these (since  the possibilities with these things are virtually unlimited), so I thought I would start a running series. Here are the ideas and the links to the articles/videos:

Creating Coordinate Pairs with Pictures

Share your own ideas on how to use Cuisenaire Rods in the comments!

P.S. I spent my hard earned money on these at Teacher Heaven. This small set was $15 in the store, but I see you can get it for less than $13 online

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