Coding Instead of Math? Yes!

Learn coding instead of math!I’ve told so many homeschool parents to stop teaching math and instead teach coding (or programming as we used to call it). If children learn coding, then math will come as needed. The logic is the same and coding is far more exciting in today’s social setting than is math.

(Yes, that’s unfortunate, but it’s true. To deny it is foolish.)

So I’m taking my own advice!

I’ve enrolled in The Houston Coding Bootcamp Powered by UT Austin and am tickled pink at my decision. I have a bazillion projects in my mind dying to get out (including a fully robust version of the That’s Math text messaging service).

I’ve been itching to share the news on, but have been hesitant to do so.

“I’m all math all the time,” I’ve been thinking. “How do I stop writing about math?”

To learn coding is to learn math!


I’m not going to stop writing about math. I’m just going to also write about programming. Which IS writing about math.

I hope this fresh perspective on things lifts me up and encourages me to share more.

I’ve already gotten a chance to use some nifty arithmetic skills writing my first game – Rock Paper Scissors. It’s pretty cheesy, so don’t judge. But if you’d like to experiment with it (or see my code), play the game here and look at the code here.

Will you join me?

I hope this new direction will continue to be helpful to the MathFour-ticians out there who follow along & contribute to the discussions.

Will it be? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook. Oh – and if you’re a software developer (current or aspiring), come follow me on github too!


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2 Responses to Coding Instead of Math? Yes!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I homeschool both of my kids, ages 13 and 6. Both of them love coding. The 13 year old has learned Scratch and has moved on to Python. The Python programming will count as her first high school Math credit. My six year old prefers coding to math curriculum because it advances at a faster pace than any Math curriculum we’ve tried, so I decided to just keep him coding with and easy Scratch projects.

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