I'm Bon Crowder and the photos above are both of me - in 1989 and today. I'm a Generation X mom of Generation Z kids.

I began peer tutoring in high school in 1984. MathFour.com is the 2015 version of me helping peers be comfortable in math.

If you're a Gen-X parent, you're in the right place!

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Children are curious. And through that curiosity they’ll learn.

So the best way to teach them math is to follow that curiosity. And that’s what this website, Math Is Not a Four Letter Word, is all about. Helping parents as teachers follow the curiosity of their children to lead them to math discovery.

There is a selection of articles below to get you started. And the best way to stay connected with your child’s curiosity in math is to sign up for the weekly newsletter. Every Thursday you’ll get some nifty tips to keep you going. Plus you get the rockin’ free ebook, 37 Ways to Wow a Math Student!

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Math Around Us

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Getting a Little Freaky with Math

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Calming generation X in math since 1985.

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