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Holler at me at 713-557-8048, or BonCrowder on Skype. Make sure to let me know you’re a real person. 🙂

Primary Goal – Helping Parents

The purpose of is to help parents feel confident and knowledgeable when supporting children in math. All products and services I provide work toward achieving that end.

Check out the main products and services in the That’s Math catalog. There are a number of free offerings to get you started.

And I also manage the community of parents in the Facebook group Empowering Parents to Tackle Math.

I put advertising and affiliate links on the site so I can continue to work in service of parents. Other services I offer are priced and prioritized based on how much they support the vision and mission of helping parents.

Advertising offers advertising spaces on the main site as well as in the Facebook group. It has a significant readership in the math learning space. It is a good fit for products, companies and brands wanting to reach the math education market of both parents and teachers.

Request a media and rate sheet via email, text or skype.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder 

Product Consulting & Reviews

I have 25 years experience in math education. If you have created a math product, I can look at it and give feedback and critique directly to you. Call or email to discuss rates, expectations, deliverables and get references.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder 


If your organization is in need of a speaker, and your grown-up members tend to have children in their lives, I can tailor a speech or workshop for your group. Holler at me to discuss what would fit.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder 


I’ve written hundreds of math articles and thousands of exercises on tests, homework and online tools. If you’re interested in having me write for your publication, see my writer’s site and read some of the articles I’ve written. If you like my style, reach out and we can discuss it.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder 


If you’d like to interview me or get quotes and information about math education for your news article, please call, text or email. I’ve been quoted in the Wall Street journal, appeared on and, Great Day Houston, NEA Benefits and am an expert on NBC’s Education Nation Parent Toolkit.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder 

Television, Radio and Webcasts

I’m an energetic and passionate promoter of family numeracy, my wit and quick thinking make for great TV and radio. I promote math in unique and unconventional ways and connect with viewers and listeners. My excitement is contagious. Check out some of my videos on, and YouTube. If you want me for your production, holler and we can talk about it.

Voice/Text: 713-557-8048 ~ Email: ~ Skype: BonCrowder