Blog Carnival for Math Teachers at Play Number 48 Is Here – With a Fun Twist!

It’s my turn, again, to host the very cool Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival.

Fridays sometimes have a 50 Word Friday article with a special feature – exactly 50 words. I’m doing a variation of this – every sentence in this post has 15 words exactly.

The requirement will be hard to meet, but I can do it with some effort!

Guillermo over at Mathematical Palette gives us some interesting uses of large numbers – very cool!

Maths Insider‘s Caroline gives us even more jobs that need math; now she’s got 34!

Colleen Young notes: World Math Day is over but you can still get free games!

Mathematics and Multimedia explains with wonderful grace and clarity, leap year calculations – and their freakiness.

Malke shares her child’s story of working the Hundred’s Chart; I’m giddy to try it!

I’m pretty creeped out by the strange pi-alphabet correlation Virtual Math Tutor points out.

Lula, a homeschooling mom, shares her awesome perfect math curriculum; I’m loving her book recommendations!

Denise‘s brief review of Fermat’s Enigma gives us a taste of that cool history book.

The clever folks at IMACS shared a fun little logic puzzle: go find Max’s house!

Sue visited a second grade class and let them do problems their way – great story! Then she shared some curious insights into the world of memorizing math facts – very useful!

Bree is letting his class field the questions he’s getting from colleagues – as professional mathematicians!

Math Hombre turned Yahtzee into a “be a mathematician” game; the kids enjoyed and learned! And who can resist Xavier Golden’s amazing comic artistry of Mr. Slope Guy – my hero!

Gamble, roll the dice, learn some cool math and dice things at Natural Family Today!

Mr. Chase‘s rant on rationalizing and simplifying is correct, brilliant and familiar; he is me!

Tiger got to experience tangram puzzles free from “right” answers – pure creativity and learning here!

John refutes the ridiculous notion that Silicon Valley changes the “definition of mathematics” – as if…

Toddler Olympics are cute, fun and full of learning; these twins are Learners in Bloom! And they do math that inspires me to start more formally with Daughter – can’t wait!

Cats and Qtips; parabolas and paths; Rebecka explains a quadratics lesson with the strangest supplies!

Frederick has created a (pretty hard) quiz for fun; don’t try it when you’re tired!

Do you have a math article on your site that involves some type of play? Share the post (and the url) in the comments section so we can enjoy it!

(Wow – that was a challenge that I’m not sure I’ll ever want to take again!)

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Oh – I use this word counter tool to do these word and character based articles!

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