When’s Your Next Palindrome Birthday?

This post is in celebration of Husband’s 13th palindrome birthday – and 4th non-trivial palindrome birthday. Happy birthday, Judson!

A palindrome birthday is an age that reads the same forward as backwards. But you can also celebrate pseudo-palindromes too - like 35.3 and 54.5. http://mathfour.com/?p=9717When was the last time you had a palindrome birthday? When is your next one?

And what is a palindrome birthday, anyway?

A palindrome is a number or word that reads the same forward and backwards.

Some of the simple word palindromes are mom, dad, radar and racecar.

Palindrome numbers include 101 and 128,393,821.

So a palindrome birthday is an age that’s a palindrome – like 22.

You start with 9 palindrome birthdays.

In the first nine years of your life you have palindrome birthdays. But they’re pretty lame because they’re single digits.

The age 7 reads the same forward as backward. It’s a palindrome by default.

We call it a trivial palindrome.

You have more real palindrome birthdays.

After you turn double digits, you have a palindrome birthday every 11 years. Until you get really, really old.

Then you go from 99 years old to 101.

Which is the least number of years between palindrome birthdays since you were a kid.

You can have pseudo-palindrome birthdays, too!

It’s no fun waiting 11 years until you can celebrate your next palindrome birthday. So why not celebrate your pseudo-palindrome birthdays?

Those would be birthdays at ages like 32.3 and 54.5.

They’re kinda hard to figure out though. So I’ve created a spreadsheet in google drive to calculate your pseudo-palindrome birthday for you!

Open it, put in your birthday and hit enter. You’ll see the dates change to show your various pseudo-palindrome birthdays.

If you prefer, you can download a copy for Excel.

Your turn!

What’s your next palindrome birthday? Will you be able to use this in your classroom?

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5 Responses to When’s Your Next Palindrome Birthday?

  1. This is an interesting exercise, and definitely a challenge if you try to calculate dates by hand! Good work on creating the spreadsheet! You can also calculate palindrome dates by actual dates as day/month/year… such as 4/27/24, or 12/25/21. You don’t require any calculations, other than a simple examination of your date before completing the year. I just noticed by looking at this that I missed (ok, failed to appreciate!) my palindrome birthday this year on 3/17/13!! 🙁

    • Shaun, is 12/25/21 a palindrome date? Each date from 12/1/21 through 12/9/21 would be palindromes, as well as 12/11/12, 12/22/21.

  2. I used your Palindrome Birthday post to wish my cousin a Happy Birthday on facebook:
    Happy 6th Double-digit Palindrome Birthday Linda !
    She is a retired Math Teacher.
    So I thought this would be a great way to express birthday wishes to her.
    This year she is celebrating her 66th.

    If our 1st Double-digit Birthday is at age 11, 2nd at age 22, 3rd at 33, 4th at 44, 5th at 55,
    then at 66, this year would be her 6th Double-digit Palindrome Birthday.

    Math was never my strongest subject. Although I do like learning to understand it, I have trouble seeing patterns with numbers in my mind’s eye. It helps me to see the pattern when I write it down. I liked it when math quiz instructions told me to show your work… 🙂
    I hope I figured this out correctly:

    I was born on Jan 11, 1967 (was age 10 in 1977) so my first double digit Palindrome Birthday
    was at age 11 in 1978.
    Age 11 = 1978
    Age 22 = 1978 + 11 years = 1989
    Age 33 = 1989 + 11 years = 2000
    Age 44 = 2000 + 11 years = 2011
    Next Palindrome Birthday?
    Age 55 = 2011 + 11 years = ????

    • Happy Birthday, Cousin!

      Patterns are indeed easier to see when written. I have a very hard time imagining shapes and turning them about. I always got those questions wrong on those little achievement tests (before serious standardized testing invaded).

      I’m currently a palindrome, so my next one will be in 2026 when I’m 55.

      Thanks for dropping by, Cynthia!

      • I was pleased I could create a personalized B-day greeting for my Math Whiz Cousin. She replied (-:

        Thanks Cynthia – palindromic numbers have always been my favourite – Imagine 101!!! Hope you are well!

        I replied: Feelin’fabulous – fast approaching 49! and holding! Lol – Cyn 😉

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