Birthday Math: How to Celebrate with Math

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Do you try to integrate math in everything? Would you like to? How about integrating it into birthdays?

It’s Husband’s birthday today. He’s 42. But instead of just saying, “Husband’s 42,” I can say he’s 13.37pi years old. (At that site you can also find an “exact” pi birthdays in case you want to celebrate at some other time.)

He’s also 15,340 days oldThis site calculates months, hours and seconds too.

He’s 2*3*7 years old. His age is also the second sphenic number. What’s that? I’m not sure – but if you click on your child’s age on this Wikipedia page, you’ll get some fun sounding words for their number that they can use all day! Here are some for your kids:

He can go here to find out that he was born in MCMLXIX. This nifty birthday math trick will result in the number 4.22 (April 22 – his birthday!). Or this one which will result in 42269 (also his birthday).

For some fun birthday math, he (and you) can check out The Birthday Problem – also known as the birthday paradox.

How will you celebrate a family member’s next birthday? Will you use birthday math? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Geoff! It’s great fun (and encouraging to kids) to integrate math anywhere and everywhere you can!

  2. Fab article cousin and I am going to refer my website in my latest blog post, the topic well guessed it right BIRTHDAY MATH.

    Miss our skype talks and of course your lovely inspiring face.

    You know who

    Math cousin

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