Is Math a Four Letter Word?

It’s been mentioned more than a few times that ‘math’ is indeed a four letter word. Quickly after that’s said comes a look of, “So why are you claiming otherwise in your website title?!”

I just got an email from someone asking the same question.

Math isn’t a four letter word.

When we type “math” we use four keystrokes. But we actually mean “mathematics” which has 11 letters. In some parts of not-Texas, outside the U.S., they abbreviate mathematics as maths. So really, math and maths are both 11-letter words!

Math isn’t a four-letter word, either.

The real statement of this site is that math isn’t a four-letter word. It isn’t a bad word. It isn’t something that should be feared, loathed or avoided. In fact, since everyone does it, it doesn’t make sense to fear, loathe or attempt to avoid it.

It’s like saying, “I’m afraid to eat,” “I hate eating,” or “I avoid eating at all costs!”

It’s something you do. You were born with it.

Math is a four letter word.

But indeed, yes. Math, the English language construct, has four characters:

  1. M
  2. A
  3. T
  4. H

So I can’t really argue.

Or I can argue all day.

And THAT’s the real fun of being a mathematician!

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