Teaching Little Ones Math with the Toddler Counting iPhone App

Daughter is addicted to the iPhone.

It’s sad, really, because we’ve managed to keep her off TV and any screens for two years. And now she thinks the iPhone is the place for cartoons and all sorts of flashy lights and sound.

But she can also learn math on the iPhone!

Occasionally I’ll find an app that makes me glad she’s on the iPhone. Like Toddler Counting.

This app does something grownups don’t think about – it teaches kids the one-to-one correspondence between numbers and objects. That’s a very advanced topic in math that we grownups take for granted.

Here’s a demonstration of it:

What do you think? Will you get it for your little one? At $0.99, Toddler Counting’s a deal!

Un-Disclaimer: I paid for this app and don’t have any affiliation with the folks who created it. Heck – I haven’t even told them I’m writing this!

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