Flash Cards and Marshmallows: Teaching One-to-One Correspondence

My mom is a big fan of flash cards. So when she figured out how to use my School Zone Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards with MATH, she was so excited.

We’ve been doing MATH a lot – but she says we can only do it once a day. I love doing it because I get to eat the MATH after we’re done.

No fair that we can only do it once each day.

So here’s what it is…

There’s a bag full of them in the cupboard. The individual MATHs are tiny white things that taste SO good! They’re chewy and squishy and fun in my mouth.

They’re about the size of Cheerios. (Oh – and comparing sizes is¬†something called “math” – but Cheerios don’t taste like this, so it must be different).

Taica took the picture at the top of this article so I could show you what I’m talking about. Look to the right of the book in the photo – that’s MATH. YUM!

You can do it with flash cards.

She pulled out my number flashcards (made by School Zone and given to me by Granfuffy) and let me pick a card. I chose the one with cars. I like cars.

I put one MATH on each car. Taica counted as I did this. After a while I got really good at putting them on and taking them off. It’s called “one-to-one correspondence,” apparently. Or at least she kept saying that.

Then she turned the card sideways!

This was a little harder. But I managed.

Then upside down – I was really wanting to eat the MATH at this point, but I continued to play along.

At one point the marshmallow rolled off the car. So I left it there. I knew where it was supposed to be so it wasn’t a big deal.

When I finished, I was out of MATHs and still had the yellow car left! Like this:

Taica told me that if I didn’t make sure that the MATH was directly on the car, I would lose the “one-to-one correspondence” and end up with a leftover car.

We figured it out and then it was time to eat.

Do you want to try?

I’m looking forward to the next time – there are some flash cards that have lots and lots of things to match!

If you want to do it, you can get everything you need at a store. You have to “pay for them” before you take them home, but that’s easy for grownups.

How do you like your MATH? Let me know in the comments so I can do more stuff. And share this on twitter, too!

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