Math Gifts – Three Days Left!

Last minute shopping? Me too! How about some of these math gifts for your favorite folks…

For Kids

  • by Peter Weatherall – These apparently include MP3s that you can also just play as music.
  • Worms! What kid doesn’t like worms? And these are measuring worms!

For Grownups

  • Math T-Shirts by ExBoyfriend Collection – Sad? Funny? These are cute for even the “non-math” people.
  • Want something a little more fancy? How about math jewelry like this Fibonacci necklace!

For Families

  • Math games are great for full family fun – and games like Uno… well, that’s math too!
  • How about a math program to boost your whole family’s engagement in math? Check out the “And That’s Math!” program starting on January 23. Buy it now for your favorite family!

For Math Geeks

  • Old math books! Husband found a College Algebra book from 1947 for me – gave it to me as a “just because” gift. Here’s a Trig book by the same guy. You probably can get an old math book for your favorite geek at any second hand book store!
  • Math Music! The Klein Four Group’s instant download Musical Fruitcake CD (I just downloaded it, myself!) To give you a sample of how cool these guys were (they are now professors all over the world), here’s a fun Christmas song from them:

How about it – what are you up to for last minute shopping? Are you done?

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