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Texas Instruments Little Professor

This morning I featured the Little Professor “electronic calculator” by Texas Instruments on episode 23 of #KnickKnackYack in the #MathShack.

It was so cool and so much fun, I wanted to share it here.

If you’re old enough, you might remember having one of these. Or coveting it because your friend had it.

And if you’re geeky enough, you might remember actually playing it.

You can find the vintage Little Professors here or buy a fancy new Solar Little Professor from TI here. And you can share this on Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest!

I do #KnickKnackYack in the #MathShack live every weekday morning at 6am EST on Periscope. I share the random knickknacks accumulated through years of math blogging. Sometimes on a math object. Sometimes on something totally random. Always with wit, humor and a little math.

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One Response to The Verbal Math Lesson – Periscope Giveaway!

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2 Responses to Cartooning with Math

  1. Daughter and I have had so much fun with this book! We got it for amusement during a long plane ride and it paid for itself there. Unexpectedly, we pull it out on occasion in the evenings and work our way through just a single drawing at a time. Each drawing has related math questions with it and they spark interesting conversations. Our favorites were the fractions drawing and the moustache man with the number sequence problems. They are memorable because the drawings and math work ended up on our refrigerator for weeks afterward!

    • Hey! That’s how it ended up on my Amazon wish list – you told me about it!

      I never can remember how I learned of a book – I just grab stuff from my wish list to add to my order when I’m <$25 so I can get free shipping. Hmm… that’s math, too, isn’t it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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One Response to Great Gift Wrap Up – Math Gifts

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2 Responses to The Butler Stick – A New Use for an Old Tool

  1. Out of interest what was the Yardstick used for when setting the table? Can’t find anything about the yard side anywhere, including his book!

    • Chris,

      I think the yardstick part was just because it’s nice to have something on the other side. Likely the source is a yardstick maker and you can print anything you want on the other side (like logos and advertising). This guy decided to have the number line printed so he could do the butlering thing.

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