The Verbal Math Lesson – Periscope Giveaway!

I've been Periscoping random stuff from the MathShack. Now I'm giving some of it away!This morning on Periscope, I talked about The Verbal Math Lesson series of books by Michael Levin and Charan Langton.

They sent me a handful of these a while back. I took a gander at them and then, like most free stuff I’ve been sent, they’ve sat around the MathShack.

Enter the Periscope Giveaway!

I’ve started Periscoping my random stuff daily at 5am central time (download iOS or Android app here). Now I can share these things quickly and easily.

And when I have extras, I’m going to give away the spares!

You might know that I’ve never done a giveaway here on, but that’s okay. As teachers, we all know that you can’t learn without doing.

So here goes Giveaway Number One!

I’m using Rafflecopter because lots of the bloggers I know use it. Plus it’s free for the small user (like me).

So here it goes. If I’m doing something wrong, please shoot me an email me and let me know (bon at mathfour dot com). Or you can post my error in the comments.

Rafflecopter giveaway

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