Math Branded Rhinestone Transfers

Great Rhinestone #Math Transfer! #blingI’ve been wearing math “branded” shirts for a while now. I created my own rhinestone transfers by dissecting and reassembling other rhinestone transfers.

It’s a pain. But I love to advertise math.

I’ve had a few requests for them, too. But when the social media manager at BlogHer requested one for her daughter, I knew was time to make them for the masses.

The Rhinestone Guy to the rescue!

I’m working with the Rhinestone Guy over at RSTransfers to make some math friendly bling you can iron on your own shirts.

We have three designs so far, each under six dollars. You have to iron on your own shirt. But it’s ridiculously easy to do.

I use the blank Jerzees brand t-shirts at Michael’s for $5.99 each. So my total T-shirt cost for each of them is less than $15.

Get yours today!

I don’t make anything off the sale of these. But if people buy them, the Rhinestone Guy will open to making other designs.

The imaginary number √-1 with the unicorn is cross seasonal. But wouldn’t it be fun to have Santa Claus and √-1? Or a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day with √-1?

Pick one – or go for all three! (Click on the image below to go to the buying page.)

And share a picture of you in your shirt – post it to the Math Is Not a Four Letter Word Facebook page!

Great Rhinestone #Math Transfer! #bling Great Rhinestone #Math Transfer! #bling Great Rhinestone #Math Transfer! #bling


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