Fibonacci Valentine

Part of Wordless Wednesday

It’s time for math and love to intersect again!

It's time for math and love to intersect again! ~Bon

Want the instructions to build one yourself? Check it out over on cwist! See below!



  • Construction paper in 4 colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


Pick one piece of construction paper to be the background. Put it to the side (don’t cut it).

From the other three pieces of construction paper, cut the following squares. You can use your ruler, pencil and scissors for this.

  • Four 1-inch squares (2 of one color, 1 each of the other colors)
  • Two 2-inch squares (different colors)
  • Two 3-inch squares (different colors)
  • Two 5-inch squares(different colors)

Remember a square has all four equal sides.

Out of some of the squares, make:

  • Two tiny hearts (different colors)
  • One small heart
  • One medium heart
  • One big heart

Glue them on the background like the image above and share the math love by sending it to a friend or family member!

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3 Responses to Fibonacci Valentine

  1. Every time I attempt to look at this, it takes me to an annoying site that has nothing to do with the Fibonacci valentine. I did this project with my 6th graders last year and want to do it again this year, but I can’t find the instructions anywhere. Please help?

  2. Aah, yes!!! Thank you! My kids liked this project so much, they were requesting it again this year!

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