31 Days of Math Learning Success

Join us for 31 days of helpful tips and wisdom for continued math learning.Holy cow – are you ready for this?

I’ve committed to write 31 articles – one each day in October. And each one is a hint, study tip or piece of wisdom leading to long term math learning.

I know, it sounds like crazy talk.

But I’ve already listed out the topics. I’ve already written some of the posts. And I’ve already shot some of the photos I’ll use.

And I can’t wait to share all 31 of these with you!

Pop in here every day through October to get the next one. Use them yourself or pass them along to your kids. And of course, share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

How it works…

Each day’s tip will be posted just like any other article. They’ll line up on the site like everything else. But they’ll also be listed here as a big bundle – which makes it easy for you to access them, even in November!

To whet your whistle, I’ve given you some sneaky hints to each topic. I’ll adjust them to the “right” title and link to them as they get published.

  1. Occam’s Razor The First Thing to Check if You Get a Math Problem Wrong
  2. Settling Study to Learn
  3. Negativity Hang onto Negatives in Math Problems
  4. Trust The Only Person You Can Trust is YOU
  5. Cement Shoes Not Everything That Matches will Cancel
  6. Keep it together! The Correct Way to Show Your Work – Problem, Work and Solution
  7. Keep it straight. The Importance of Units and Percents
  8. Lightbulbs Failure is Not an Option – It’s a Requirement
  9. Absolutely! The Absolute Value of a Number is Always…
  10. Easy or hard? Easy is in the Eye of the Beholder
  11. Two guys walk into a bar… Puzzles and Riddles that Improve Math Ability
  12. Reverse Engineering Get the Answer First
  13. Nike What to do When You’re Stuck on a Math Problem (Or Buying a Dress)
  14. Don’t be a square. Write Out Your Squares
  15. Not a Fair Fight Equations vs. Expressions
  16. Choose wisely. Math Teachers & Math Tutors – Choose Carefully
  17. Bat from both sides. 2 Ways to Do Math Problems
  18. Don’t make the bed. The Next Step in Math Problems is Up to You
  19. Roly Poly Zero isn’t Bad – She’s Just Drawn That Way
  20. Silly Rabbit Nix the Tricks – Get it, Read it, Follow it!
  21. Rube Goldberg Do Math a Different Way – Your Way!
  22. Plague Fractions vs. Decimals – A Mudslinging Campaign
  23. Drive! Put Me In, Coach!
  24. Elevators Inverses are the Ctrl-Z of Math
  25. Take it down a notch. Boil Down Math Concepts into Something Managable
  26. Answer me! Math Myth Shattered: There’s Always One Right Answer
  27. The F Word Freaky Factorials and some Fun Facts that Follow
  28. 86 the Cntl+X. Embrace Your Errors – Don’t Erase Them!
  29. Montagues & Capulets Addition & Multiplication Don’t Mix
  30. Lost in Translation Don’t Translate English to Math Backwards
  31. Actors The Math Show Stars are All the Same

Ready for this?

Me too!

My action item: Finish up day 1.

Your action item: Share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

See you tomorrow!


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