Saying YES – Even When NO Is Expected {Five Minute Friday}

Part of Five Minute Friday, I talk about saying yes - even when the answer might be no. ~BonThis is part of the Five Minute Friday series. Today’s prompt is: YES

How funny.

I was totally in the mood for a FMF this morning, so I decided to do it.

Yesterday was weird at school – the biggest highs and lows so far at my new position as a 5th grade teacher.

So I’m thinking “faith” should be the word for the day.

Curiously – and making me smile – the word is yes.



Um… yes.

Saying YES

I’m all about the “yes” in class. If a student gives an answer, it’s always “yes!” Even what grownups call “wrong” answers get a yes.

In fact, I’ve been declining (saying no?) to students who want to give the right answer. I want some wrong ones first.

Saying YES to the Wrongs

I believe these yeses are opening doors to some who are more scared of math. At ten years old, there are already some students very apprehensive about saying the wrong answer and getting condemned.

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  1. Hurray for 5th grade! That was my favorite year in elementary school. And how encouraging of you to stay positive with your students by saying “yes”. Blessed to be your neighbor from FMF!

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