Being Brave

Part of Five Minute Friday - Here're some thoughts on being brave in teaching and learning math. is part of the Five Minute Friday series. Today’s prompt is: Brave.

Doing math (and teaching math) is a nutty act of bravery.

And sometimes it’s just a nutty act.

But we do it – both teach and learn.

Bravery in Learning

Here are some of the amazing things I’ve seen in math learning – the bravest of the brave:

  • Student in tears at the beginning of the course, but there anyway.
  • Student in tears at the end of the final exam (different student, btw).
  • Student continuing to come to class even though the instructor made her cry. (That was me.)

Bravery in Teaching

MathFourLinkLearnFiveMinuteFridayHere are some of the brave acts of teaching math:

  • Teacher telling a joke and not laughing at himself. (This takes courage!)
  • Teacher asking a question and sitting in the silence until someone answers. (Very hard to do!)
  • Teacher taking on a different learning style – like Problem Based Learning. (That’s me and I’m scared to death!)

How about you?

What’s your bravest moment in math teaching or learning?

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