Beloved – Be Loved? Twice Loved? Opposite of Loved?

This is part of the Five Minute Friday series.

What DOES beloved mean? Is that "be" like a 2 or a negative in front of "loved"?Beloved.

When I think of the word, I think of two things – the way the word is constructed. And the way people feel about their kids (or each other).

Although I might have the “feelings” definition a little wrong.

Let’s stick with the math.

When you take something (a number or a word) and put a prefix on it, it changes the meaning.

Take the cute little magical number 3… Slap a negative sign on the front… And voila! He becomes the opposite.

A simple variable like x can get a 2 on the front, and all of a sudden, he’s twice the man he used to be.

And the wonderful word “loved” can get the “be” and… well… change too.

I’m not sure what it means.

I know about the “beloved” that they use in the movies. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean the negative of love. Nor does it mean twice the love.

Or maybe it does.

Perhaps I should brush up on my English vocabulary and figure out a way to use this fun little word as a math tool.

I’ll make that my job!

Thanks for riding along with me in this Five Minute Friday journey!



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