Doing Math Quietly

This is part of the Five Minute Friday series.

This week’s prompt is “Quiet.”

And how pleasant is quietness when you’re totally focused, and in “flow,” working through a challenging but not too hard math problem?

That’s how we’d like our students to be – just like Goldilocks in the house of the Bears. Not too much and not too little. But just right.

Keeping it Quiet

What does quiet mean, when doing school work? For some it is the literal meaning – no sound.

But for some, it means keeping the brain from making other internal racket – that others couldn’t possibly hear.

That’s why you see some people listening to music while they study or work. That part of their brain must be kept busy while the other part focuses.

What does your child need?

Think about how you like to work on different things. What puts you in a state of real focus for that task?

Then watch your kids. Talk to them about what it means for them to be focused. How they focus for a particular subject or task is their quiet.

Do what you can to help them reach it.

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4 Responses to Doing Math Quietly

  1. I totally agree – my children all have different “zones” in which they can focus while doing math – it’s so important to recognize the child’s need, and not what you (as parent or teacher) would need.

    • It’s awesome that you recognize this for each of your kids, LuAnne.

      I’m curious about the zones. Are they just different locations, are they also times of the day?

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