Addition with Tattoos

Seems that I’m learning something called “addition” these days. My parents say things like “two bottles of vitamins plus one bottle of vitamins equals four bottles of vitamins. That’s addition!”

I’ve figured out that “addition” means you use the words “plus” and “equals” in the same sentence.

You can do addition with counting too!

I’m into tattoos. I have kitten tattoos and Spider Man ones. To put them on, we have to use a wet rag and count – first to 20 and then to 10. My mom says that “twenty plus ten equals thirty.”

That sentence has both of the important words: “plus” and “equals.”

So doing tattoos is not just counting, but addition too!

So tattoos are math!

My dad doesn’t like me to have so many tattoos. He prefers I use the fun band-aids. Band-aids are okay, but you don’t have to count or add to put them on.

The more tattoos I put on, the more counting and addition practice I can get. So he should be happy I’m getting lots of tattoos!

Tattoos and counting teach other stuff also.

I’m learning “patience.” That means waiting without whining or screaming.

I don’t mind “patience” when I’m counting. Because I’m doing something fun.

Do you have a 2 year old like me, that can count? Are you teaching him or her addition too? And what kinds of tattoos do y’all have?

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