Blog Carnival: Mathematics and Multimedia #22

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are hosting the Mathematics & Multimedia Blog Carnival this month.

By RBerteig | | CC BY

To make it more interesting (and slightly weird), the team has associated some arbitrary information (for various media) with each article.

In other words, these questions are answered for each:

  1. Who is the ideal person (alive or dead, real or fiction) to record the reading of this post?
  2. If this post were being made into the lyrics of a song, what should the genre of music be?
  3. What type of costume would be worn during an interpretive dance during the performance/reading of this post?
  4. What type of video game might be created based on this post?

Let’s Roll!

A Little Problem for the Holidays… by Colleen Young

  • Read by: Patrick Stewart
  • Music genre: Jack Black style like the math song
  • Interpretive dance costume: Chameleon
  • Video game: Space Invaders

How to Grow Algebra Eyes and Ears by Mathematics for Teaching

  • Read by: Morgan Freeman
  • Music genre: 2001 Space Odyssey style
  • Interpretive dance costume: Colorful stripes
  • Video game: Role playing game
  • Read by: Alex Trebek
  • Music genre: March
  • Interpretive dance costume: Camouflage
  • Video game: Jeopardy

Tenure, Car Lights, and Logic Gates by Mathematical Palette

  • Read by: Bill Nye, the science guy
  • Music genre: Smooth classical
  • Interpretive dance costume: Blue shirt, pointy ears, bowl cut
  • Video game: Star Trek

By Sklathill | | CC BY-SACounting the Number of Subsets in a Set by Mathematics and Multimedia

  • Read by: Tom Bodett
  • Music genre: Classical
  • Interpretive dance costume: A christmas tree
  • Video game: Myst

Theorems of Triangles by MaxLogik on YouTube

  • Read by: R2D2
  • Music genre: Death Metal
  • Interpretive dance costume: R2D2
  • Video game: Jenga

Intersection of Sets by

  • Read by: Sheldon Lee Cooper
  • Music genre: Ringtone
  • Interpretive dance costume: Mighty Mouse
  • Video game: Sudoku

What do you wonder? Real-world math problems are everywhere by Sine of the Times

  • Read by: Fast Talking Micro Machines guy
  • Music genre: Speed Metal
  • Interpretive dance costume: Cheetah
  • Video game: Tetris

And that’s Multi-Media!

For math and multimedia, we managed to include multiple media forms for each. Some spot on, some a little wiggy.

So now it’s your turn. Check out the articles. See why we picked the answers we did. There’s logic and fun in them all!

And don’t forget to comment on each that you visit and tweet this carnival out to your followers!

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9 Responses to Blog Carnival: Mathematics and Multimedia #22

    • I always enjoy hosting. Not only do I get to read the best of the best, but also do something cool with it.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

      • I can hear her singing: GeoGebraists Just Want to Have Fun!

        Phone chirps in the middle of the night
        Student says she can’t get these triangles right
        Oh, Student dear
        this is an easy one
        makes math so fu-un

        That’s all we really waaaaant…

        • Holy cow, dude! I’ve now got the song stuck in my head.

          I need to memorize the new words or it’ll be even worse than it is now!


    • It was chalked full of wonderful factual information. I love when people use and follow the research.

      Much more credibility in the message. Easier to consider instead of wondering if someone is toting an emotionally charged agenda that just may not generalize or translate well to others.

      This is solid stuff! Thanks again.

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