Blog Carnival: Wanna Play in the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival?

Woohoo! I get to host another math carnival this month.

Which means if you’ve ever written anything online about math, you can play!

I’m not one for a traditional blog carnival (see MTAP#42 and MTAP#48), so I’m thinking that we might have a little fun with the “multimedia” part of this blog carnival.

Let’s PLAY!

When you submit your post, include answers to the following questions:

  1. If you got to choose anyone (alive or dead) to record the reading of your post, whom would you choose?
  2. In what genre of music would you want your post recorded, if it were being made into the lyrics of a song?
  3. If someone were to do a dance while your post was being performed, what type of costume would they wear? (feel free to include links to images – or email the images themselves to
  4. Suppose your post was the inspiration for a video game, what kind of game would it be? (find some ideas here: video game genres)

To make it easier, copy this into the text in the “comments box” on this blog carnival submission form and fill in your answers.

  • Read by:
  • Music genre:
  • Interpretive dance costume:
  • Video game:

Is this too hard or annoying?

Then skip it. I’ll choose for you!

So GO! Head over to the blog carnival submission form and send in your post and your answers (or just your post).

Party on, dude!

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