Math and Cars – And a Giveaway!

I’ve rambled on about math in cars many times:

But soon I get to write about actual cars!

The sweet Houston Auto Show folks have me to be an ambassador for them. And as y’all know, everything with me comes with a math twist.

So look for car stuff in the next few posts.

But first, a giveaway.

Since I’m an ambassador, I can give away two single day tickets to the show.

Which means I get to use some cool randomizer to pick the winner.

Or I could use a fun equation with your birth year and THEN a randomizer to pick the winner.

I just have to be fair and legal. (I shall try my best on both.)

Enter only if you can get to Houston.

This is where the best math comes in.

You don’t have to buy squat. But here are the things you do have to do to get the tickets:

  1. Enter the contest
  2. Win the contest
  3. Either be in Houston for at least one day between January 27 and 31, 2016, or have someone you know in Houston who can take the tickets and come to the show.

Here’s the logic:

enter AND win AND (be in Houston OR know someone in Houston)

Those are called “Boolean Operators” and every parent’s experienced a sassy kid using them for evil.

Me: Do you want me or dad to put you to bed?

Kate: I don’t want you to put me to bed AND I don’t want dad to put me to bed.

Ready to enter?

So if you can do all of these, please start with the first one:

Enter your name and email address in this form:

Winners will receive 2 tickets to the Houston Auto Show on the day of their choosing and must pick up the tickets at will call.  Contest will end at midnight CST on January 26. Winner will be announced at 3:00PM on Wednesday, January 27 on Twitter and Facebook.

This contest is null and void in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law.

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