Mathematicians are People Too – And They Make Mistakes!

This story is in honor of my best friend’s 41st birthday. She’s called me “Michelle,” my middle name, since we met in 1977. Happy Birthday, Tammy!

Two friends, Tammy, a poli-sci major, and Michelle a math major, were carpooling home from college one day.

While on the freeway, Michelle recalled an interesting fact that she had recently learned.

“Did you know the interstate freeways that run east and west are all odd numbers, and freeways that run north and south are all even numbers?”

Tammy began to think.

“Like I10 runs east and west and it’s an odd number,” explained Michelle.

Tammy was silent.

Minutes passed.

Tammy finally said, hesitantly, “Michelle, I know you’re supposed to be the math person here, but I’m pretty sure that 10 is an even number.”

Michelle replied, “Oh, yeah, I meant the other way.”

The moral: Be confident. Even if you’re wrong.

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  1. Oh my gosh, rename Michelle as Jennifer and this is my life story! I am constantly doing stuff like this. I read the story to my husband even and he said, “That’s you!” Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

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