Variations on Numbers

Fact families are essential to helping children understand arithmetic. And it enforces their math facts. And writing numbers using other numbers and operations is also a way to practice and understand arithmetic.

Introducing the Variations on Numbers Series

I found a new tool for the iPhone called Vine. It allows users to record six second snippets of video, one moment at a time. Using Vine and the SimplyFun Sumology number tiles, I’m starting the Variations on Numbers Series. And, as is natural, the series starts with the number one. (Below the video are the links to all the others.)

All the rest…

  1. One – he multiplicative identity. 1 x anything gives you back that “anything”
  2. Two – the first prime number. And the only even prime. Coming Soon
  3. Three – the first odd prime. The “magic number” according to Multiplication RockComing Soon
  4. And so on… (I’ll add more as I create them)

Use it with your kids

Instead of playing “I spy” or 20 questions, try playing Variations on Numbers. One player chooses a number and then take turns giving variations of that number. Have fun and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments!

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