Numeracy Practice with the Number of the Day

Inspired by numeracy presentations by Conroe ISD teachers and Flip Flop Math at the recent CAMT conference, I have created my own Number of the Day Worksheet and mini Hundreds Chart.

I started using a verbal version of this with K8 this week. She has a hundreds chart on her wall (she calls it her “present” because I gave it to her as a random gift one day) but I wanted one to write on too.

Why a Number of the Day?

Numeracy, or quantitative literacy, includes having a sense of how numbers work. Specifically in our base 10 system.

Every number can be related to a multiple of 5 or 10 by counting 1 or 2 up or down. Getting a good handle on how that works is essential in building your child’s numeracy.

The Number of the Day Worksheet helps children practice how the system works. And the hundreds chart helps them see it graphically – by tens.

Pick a Number of the Day everyday.

Create a hundreds chart for your wall, or download this printable one. Each day, let your child pick a number.

Talk about the number – what does it look like, what does it mean? And what other numbers around it “match”?

That last question was inspired by K8. She noticed that 84 on the hundreds chart matched the numbers to the right and left of it – the “8” was the same. Numeracy… here we come!

Fill out the Worksheet

Even if your child is too young to write, fill out the Number of the Day Worksheet and put it on the fridge. Practice filling in the spots, or talking about them. Let him or her color it or write on it.

Got stickers? Decorate the sheet!

I made the spaces in various shapes (notice the pattern?). I’m not sure if different shapes was a great idea, but it seemed fun. It might be a way to engage your older kids in the activity.

Now… Play!

Print out the worksheet and the hundreds chart and get your family going. At breakfast each day, choose a number – have each kid pick their own if you want.

Enjoy it and let me know how it goes!

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