Highlights Magazine Math Puzzle – More than Meets the Eye

The March 2012 edition of Highlights magazine for kids fell in my lap this morning. Thumbing through it, I found a fun little algebra puzzle.

After looking at the equations and discovering my solution, I began to wonder some things. Then I realized that these ponderances of mine were good for kids to consider as well.

Let the curiosity flow!

Here are the extra questions you can offer your children in case they’re curious:

  • Did you use all four equations to decide your answer?
  • Could you have used three, two or only one of the equations to decide your answer?
  • Try to use only one equation to decide an answer. Did you discover anything?
  • Try to use only two equations. What did you discover now?
  • How about three – what happens when you choose three equations?
  • Can you make a puzzle like this of your own?

How about you?

As a grown up, what do you discover about math in this Highlights puzzle? What do you see your children doing with these extra questions?

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