Number Practice with ELF on the SHELF or Advent Calendar

Christmas number practice - using ELF on the SHELF or the Advent TraditionWhether you’re doing ELF on the SHELF or a standard Advent Calendar this year, you canĀ integrate some number and shape practice in your holidays.

Use this activity to track your ELF on the SHELF, or as an Advent activity to count up or down the days to Christmas!


  • Construction paper (brown, green and yellow)
  • Old file folders
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sharpie or dark crayon
  • Template (download it FREE here)

Step 1: Cut the shapes.

Use the template shapes to trace onto construction paper and cut them out.

Cut out a piece of the bottom of an old file folder to make the stand.

Step 2: Glue the bits.

Glue the brown square to the bottom of the open part of the file folder stand. Glue the green triangle above the brown square.

Glue the circle on the front top.

Christmas number practice - using ELF on the SHELF or the Advent Tradition

Step 3: Write the number on the tree.

Write the next number on the tree. Use a dark marker or crayon. Make it large and clear so everyone can see and enjoy it.

Step 4: Track your ELF on the SHELF or count down the days.

On each day when you find the ELF, put the next number close to him. But first practice the previous numbers.

If you’re using an Advent tradition, count up or down depending on your preference.

What this does…

This number practice will help your child with these things:

  • Identifying the numerals
  • Learning both the cardinal and ordinal numbers: “This is day three. It’s the third day!”
  • One to one correspondence: one day for one number
  • Shapes: a square, equilateral triangle and a circle making up the number stand
  • Memory: remembering where each number is in the series
  • Understanding the progression of an activity over the course of many days

Now… GO!

Download this FREE template to start. And don’t forget to share this onĀ Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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