Real Life Pinterest Board for Teachers

With the popularity of Pinterest people are starting to create in-real-life Pinterest boards. So why not teachers? MathFour.comIt seems Pinterest is really taking off – especially in the educational world.

So when I saw this article about a New Zealand mall setting up a “real life” Pinterest board, my thoughts went wild.

Teachers could create their own “Teacher Wish List” in-real-life Pinterest board on the door of their classroom!

The more I thought about it, the better the idea got. So I created this free downloadable template to do it.

Get the kids involved!

Allow your students to browse Pinterest or teacher supply websites to find stuff they think would be fun to use.

Teach them how to appropriately search for game, tools and manipulatives supporting the standards you’re working on. Give them a list of searchable items to get them started.

They could even go to other classrooms and take pictures of those teachers’ math goodies!

Include things across the spectrum!

Make sure to include expensive as well as cheap or free things.

This is a fun activity, but it’s also a nice hint to parents and administrators of what your class really needs!

Use the template to Pinteretize your door!

Have them print what they find and put it on the free template. At the bottom they can put a printed picture/avatar of themselves or create a doodle to use.

Just like real Pinterest!

Make sure they put a nice description that includes price, where to find it and what standards or topics it will support in math.

Send a picture of your door to me!

I’ve created a Pinterest board just for “Teacher Wish List” doors. Email yours to me at bon at (or link to it in the comments) and I’ll post it on the Pinterest board!

Now… GO!

Print the template and get after it. Share it with your PLN on twitter too – and of course, pin this to Pinterest!

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