Magna-Tiles – Must-Have Magnetic Shapes

Daughter got a set of Magna-Tiles geometric shapes from her aunt for Christmas. I distracted her long enough to get some great photos so I could write about this amazing toy.


When teaching math, you pull out any shapes you can from anywhere in the house. And sometimes stuff you can buy trumps all the other stuff. Not often – the home holds tons of great geometric manipulatives – but sometimes.

Magna-Tiles are better than anything in the house!

The magna-tiles are clear, so they’re pretty and you can shine light through them.

Also they’re magnetic – so they stick together and stick on the fridge. Great storage for fast usage!

And then – here’s the best part – they’re geometric shapes! Two sizes of squares, three sizes and shapes of triangles.

Magna-Tiles Closeup

You’d think that being geometrical was the first requirement. But really – clear, pretty and magnetic go a long way!

Get these fabulous shapes at Valtech! Co. on, or at your local teacher/homeschool supply store.

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2 Responses to Magna-Tiles – Must-Have Magnetic Shapes

    • Wow, T.

      Those are really cool. I had to watch a bit of a YouTube video to see how they would work:

      The only rub is that Daughter loves to put stuff in her mouth. Those magnetic balls would visit her digestive system so much that she would develop her own polarity.

      I’m going to put these on my wish list for when she’s 5 or so, though.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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