Links for Learning Are Now on Pearltrees!

Kathy Casey, a deputy principal down in Australia, captured my math iPhone apps article on her Pearltree recently.

I had the same question you might…

What’s a “Pearltree”?

It’s a tree of pearls.

Or a tree that’s valuable like a pearl.

Or a pearl shaped like a tree.


Nevermind – words aren’t working.

Here’s what it looks like:

Each circle (or pearl) is a link. And the tree-like structure allows you to organize them like a mindmap.

Links for Learning are now on the MathFour Pearltree.

For the past few months, I’ve shared the nifty stories, helpful teaching tips and other math education web-finds in a short article I call Links for Learning.

Now that I’ve found this groovy gadget, I’m going to be keeping them all on the MathFour Pearltree. I’ll still give it a shoutout occasionally as an article. But you don’t have to worry about which Links for Learning it might be on – it will always be on my tree. Just hunt down the little link in the sidebar that looks like this:

…and click it!

You can join in!

Not only is it cool, easy and free – it’s also social. I’ve picked both Kathy’s and Vijay’s trees to include on mine!

If you want to “pick” my collection to add to yours, do it.  I’ll pick you back!

Got questions? Leave them in the comments – I’ll help you get started.

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