Discalculia: 10 Great Articles on Math Disabilities

This is the 4th in the draft purge series where I’m throwing stuff out over a three week period.

Discalculia (pronounced dis-kal-COOL-yu) is the official word meaning a learning disability in math. Some think that math anxiety is just another way of saying discalculia. Maybe because people with this learning disability often have math anxiety.

But you can certainly have math anxiety without having discalculia. I did once. So it’s not exactly the same thing.

Here are some resources and descriptions you might find helpful. If you have 8 extra minutes, watch the video at the bottom – it’s a super great intro!

What it is…

What Can Stand in the Way of a Student’s Mathematical Development? from PBS.org

What is a math disability? from Michigan State University

Understanding Discalculia by The National Center for Learning Disabilities

Some tactics on how to teach a student with discalculia…

Math Learning Disability Strategies at eHow.com

Math Learning Disabilities at LDOnline

Infosheet About Mathematics Disabilities from the Council for Learning Disabilities

Simple list of tactics from Daniel Daley, Assistant Professor at Lyndon State College

Encouraging Students with Learning Problems from TeacherVision

Printables from SEN Teacher

Understanding students with discalculia…

Letter to My Math Teacher (written in 1985) on Discalculia.org

A great explanation…

Got any more articles about discalculia or math anxiety to share? Post them in the comments. And share this list on twitter.

Thanks a bunch to my cousin Vijay who provided many of the links (or links that got me to these).

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