Using Toys as Curriculum Tools to Teach Arithmetic

Want to give your kiddos a jump start on multiplication and division? What to help the ones struggling with division to grasp it better?

The Discovery Toys Measure Up Cups can do just that. They are built as a curriculum tool, in the proper ratios, so that the #6 cup holds exactly twice as much as the #3 cup. This allows for engaging and beneficial play that gives kids a grasp on how numbers relate to reality.

For example, in this video, kids can compare the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to see how they relate:

You don’t have to say out loud, “three plus 6 is 9” or, “9 divided by 6 is one with three left over.” But these concepts are ingrained into the child’s brain as they see this work.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to Using Toys as Curriculum Tools to Teach Arithmetic

  1. Bon,

    I think it’s a good opportunity to introduce fraction ideas and names from the get-go. For example, 9 divided by 6 is one and one-half rather than one and three left over.
    The 3 left over need to be seen, IMO, in relation to the unit container of 6.

    • I agree, Gary. The trouble I’m having is with the words “divided by” and “goes into.” When you pour sand from one cup to the other, there is another “go into” idea there.

      I’m going to need to think on that one some more.

      But you are right – the language here would be good to include. Thanks for the comment!

    • Buy them online at – that’s an official site of mine through Discovery Toys (they don’t have an affiliate program so I became a “dealer”). Totally legit – company’s been around for >30 years.

      I hope you enjoy them, Makenna – and remember, they are guaranteed for LIFE! (that’s really the best part about them)

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