What is “Living Math”?

Look - there's a 30 degree angle!

Some folks over at the Living Math Forum were wondering if they were doing living math right.

There’s probably a fancy definition of living math, but I don’t know it.

The fact is that we all live math! The trick for parents and teachers is to point it out to our kids.

Ever sat waiting in a doctor’s office with a child? You find yourself “edutaining” them with, “Look, the chair is BLUE!”

Remember to also say things like, “Look, there are five chairs and six people…”.

Encourage them to notice that one lady is sitting on the floor because there aren’t enough chairs. Voila! Subtraction!

So counting people is living math. As is going grocery shopping, cooking, drinking 1/2 cup water, and breathing 87% O2.

You’re doing it right because you just can’t do it wrong!

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2 Responses to What is “Living Math”?

  1. Breathing 87% oxygen is probably killing with maths 🙁 levels of oxygen that high will make it very very easy for stuff to burn!
    I think there is about 20% in the atmosphere. Most of the atmosphere is nitrogen.

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