HELP – Logic Puzzle Announcing The Homeschool Blog Awards

Okay, y’all, I’m in over my head. I’m trying to create a logic puzzle as a nifty way to announce The Homeschool Blog Awards. Having never created a logic puzzle before, I thought, “How hard can it be?”

Well, pretty darn hard.

So I thought I’d put my start out there, as well as the solution, and see if I can get some help from y’all.

Read the puzzle, try to figure out the solution, then suggest in the comments one or more clues that I should add (or get rid of).

Oh, and make sure to go nominate your favorite homeschool blog!

The Puzzle

The Homeschool Post is the sponsor of The Homeschool Blog Awards every year. Writers of The Homeschool Post aren’t allowed to win, nor be nominated. So some of the writers of thought it might be fun to do a “within the family” blog award for themselves.

After all was said and done, they decided to pass all information over to me, the math mom in the team, and let me figure out the winner. Alas, the information wasn’t well organized. So I had to figure out which blog went with which person, who voted for whom and who was the winner.

The Clues

Six of the writers decided to participate. They were

  1. Heather said, “I love everyone. I’m just voting for them all!”
  2. Someone suggested that nobody should vote for themselves. So they agreed on that.
  3. The writer of Finding Joy voted for three people, including Heather and Kristal.
  4. Everyone who voted for Rachel also voted for the blog I Love My 5 Kids.
  5. Everyone but Gidget voted for the author of the blog SprittiBee.
  6. The author of  Homeschooling Unscripted only got two votes.
  7. Donnetta and Gidget got the same number of votes. As did the authors of SprittiBee and Knit 1 Kids 4. Also, Rachel and the author of I Love My 5 Kids had the same number.
  8. The author of Finding Joy is very popular – everyone voted for her.

The Solution

Here is the solution of who voted for whom. The initial of the person is on the left and the initial of the people for whom they voted is in the curly brackets. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Owners/writers of the blogs are here:

Don’t forget…

Your two action items are:

  • Suggest a clue in the comments.
  • Nominate your favorite homeschool blog!

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