Toddlers Know How to Learn!

Ever interacted with a toddler?

Holy cow. They are learning machines, aren’t they?!

And woe to the grownup that tries to do something for that mini-human. Especially if that kiddo is in the process of learning it!

It makes me wonder – what would learning look like if everyone behaved like toddlers?

Image this: you’re sitting with a student. You reach over and start to “show” him something on his paper.

“NOOOOO!” he screams, “I DO IT!” and shoves your hand and pencil out of the area of his paper.

Now THAT’s someone taking charge of his learning!

Could we do that?

Give it a shot! The next time someone tries to teach you something and reaches in to poke at your keyboard, say, “Please keep your hands to yourself.”

And when you’re teaching someone, refrain from doing anything for them that they can do themselves.

You’ll beĀ surprisedĀ at what happens!

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