Does your child need a little extra boost? Are you lost trying to help him or her get through the next topic in math? Is your family lost in a sea of what’s-up-with-that-new-math-stuff?

I have limited availability these days for tutoring and consulting. You can hire me to

  • tutor your child
  • teach you how to navigate the new math
  • tutor your child and teach you how to navigate the new math, so you can help with math homework long term! (in beta – so you get a discount if you choose this option)

I have taught and tutored math to over 15,000 children and adults in living rooms, classrooms and conferences for 25 years. See my full bio here.

What others say

Bon worked with both of my sons during their middle school and high school years. She helped them with accelerated math classes, algebra through calculus. Bon is dedicated, energetic and inspiring with students. My sons are now college students studying pre-med and engineering and have Bon to thank for their strong foundation in mathematics.

– Amy Bone, parent

Thank you for teaching how to do math and not how to use a calculator. I was so worried about taking the THEA because everyone I know kept telling me how hard the math part was. Well I sat down to take the test and the first page has all the formulas and I was like “ok where is the hard part?” … I am so thankful that I had you as my teacher for Algebra.

– Kellie Drexler, adult student

I regularly visit your site for great math inspiration and always like to hear your input and advice through the Living Math forum. I love what you bring to math! It’s contagious. Thank you.

– Szara Lyn at Inspirative Learning


Parent consulting – the new math, common core weirdness, how to deal with reluctant to learn children, homeschooling support, etc.

Math enrichment – going deeper into the standard course learning

Grade school math – counting, place value, basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), etc.

Middle school math – the beginnings of algebra, geometry, etc.

High school math – algebra, geometry, trig, calculus, etc.

College math – you name it.

Sessions & Rates

Sessions are 50 minutes and are held in at my house in Spring Branch near Beltway 8 and I10.

Sessions can include consulting, working on homework, studying for a test or learning new concepts. Parents are welcome (even encouraged) to attend with their minor child.

Rate: $75/session

Sessions are payable with cash, check or through my course portal (coming soon). Fee for cancelation less than 24 hours before planned session is $20.

Contact info

If you’re interested, call or text me at (713) 557-8048.

You can also email me at bon@mathfour.com.

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