Bon is a devoted math mom and creator of Math Is Not a Four Letter Word, a website supporting homeschoolers, aftershoolers and unschoolers.

As a college and corporate math instructor for over 20 years, she’s seen her share of adults with math fear and anxiety. When her daughter was born, she started seeing those adults as parents – parents who model math anxiety to their children.

It has become socially acceptable, even desirable, to do poorly in math. It’s detrimental to the next generation for them to witness this in their role models. Furthermore, each generation that’s proud of its inability to do math, will contribute to the spiraling decline in our global math competency.

Bon is dedicated to teaching parents strategies to create a positive math environment in their home, so their children can grow up in a numerate world and crush this cycle.

Bon Crowder has taught and tutored math to over 15,000 adults in living rooms, classrooms and conferences. She created the website Math Is Not a Four Letter Word and over 100 YouTube videos to help parents confidently and creatively support their children in math. She has been quoted in the Wall Street journal, appeared on, Great Day Houston,, The Daily National. She has presented at classroom and homeschool conventions and has hosted numerous webinars and emceed large conferences. She is a regular contributor for The Homeschool Post and has guest authored on various other websites. She is the author of the Mom & Me Math series, Guided Creativity for the Busy Thinker, is a Toastmasters Competent Communicator and teaches Family Numeracy classes at Literacy Advance Houston.

To book Bon for TV appearances and speaking engagements, contact her at Bon at MathFour dot com.

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