Links for Learning October 26, 2011

I’ve been collecting some great articles and finally realized how selfish it was that I wasn’t sharing them. So here’re a few:

Who doesn’t love Legos? A client of mine gave me a box of Legos from 1973. I can’t wait to use some of Colin’s suggestions in his article 101 Manipulative Lessons with Lego!

Educating grace has some interesting comments on designing teacher preparation programs. It’s a little deep, so grab a cup of coffee before digging in.

Paul Salomon over at Lost in Recursion pretty much has exactly my same opinion of the new “Any Questions” model of teaching in his article Real World Math (Dan Meyer and stuff). The best quote: “Real world math is simply mathematical thinking. It’s personal, it’s real, and it can happen to all of us.”

Richard V. DeMerchant explains some of what happened during a mathematical literacy/numeracy discussion he was involved in. It’s an interesting read to understand some thinking and direction of public schools in the area of numeracy.

And then I found this article about Danica McKellar, including an interview with her, about the image her math books for girls are portraying. Curious. And the jury’s still out for me.

What about you? Found any great links for learning lately?

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