Links for Learning – February 8, 2015

Start your week with these articles and ideas from around the web!It was enjoyable to dig into the world of math and math teaching last week. Here’re some goodies to start your week:

Nicky Case got together with Vi Hart and created a fun online version of society using polygons. They include commentary and ideas you can use in a social studies lesson!

I came across an article by Fermin Leal about a conference aimed at helping very young kids learn math concepts. I’m so excited to see grownups starting to get this!

Michael Pershan has decided to teach then reteach a lesson. He’s calling it a Mid-Class Launch. I think I might try this with my guys!

Abby Wills published an Edutopia article about her experience with mindfulness. It’s inspiring and makes me want to try to dream up something to get my guys to be more mindful.

Tracy Zager discusses (and gives an example of) problems with “space to learn.” I might clip this to Evernote to see what my students will do with it.

Kassia over at Math Exchanges shared a fun activity for fractions: instead of adding them, get students to decide on the front end if a fraction will be “over or under one.”

And finally, I learned about the #YourEdustory Challenge from Sue Vanhattum. I joined and am excited to start taking part in this fun series. You should too!

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