Journal Their Learning – And Your Day!

I learned yesterday during #MathChat about a web-based journal service called Memiary. Everyday, you get five lines to record things you did or learned that day.

It’s great for busy people.

You might often end a day exhausted with dirty faces on your kids and a messy living room. You think to yourself, “I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done today.”

Well, Memiary is a great place to help you remember that you did accomplish a lot.

Plus… there’s an education version.

Memiary for Education gives students an easy way to journal their learning. They get the opportunity to answer the question, “What did you learn today?”

And – this is the cool part – students can link to a teacher! You, as the teacher/parent have access to all the learnings of the kids. You can track what’s being journaled – or being neglected.

And it’s relatively pain free. They are five short lines. Not the open ended <cue music> JOURNAL idea (which always freaked me out as a student). What kid can’t type out a handful of things?

As the registered teacher, you can focus your questions or leave them open. I changed mine to being about math:

You can use the class overview function to see how your kids are doing and get clues on where you might need to review or refocus.

How will you use it?

I’m so excited to have found out about this online journal, and so excited to share it with y’all. Will you use the education version, the regular version… or both? Let us know in the comments!

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