Introducing the Neato Numbers

The Neato Numbers series launches with 10 things about 10. This is the first in the Neato Numbers series.

Each post in the Neato Numbers Series will be about another number. Yes – it’s technically an infinite series.

Each number will get a list that includes ways to “decompose” with each of the four basic functions (+, -, x and ÷) and with logarithms and exponents. It may also have a photo or two representing it, and then some neat facts.

Shellie Kamminga with Mrs. Kamminga’s Math Classes suggested on Twitter that we start with 10. So we are.

At the beginning of the numbers is… TEN!

Ten, written “10” in digits, is the first two digit number. It’s also the base of our number system – maybe because we have 10 fingers, maybe not. (Mathematicians and historians still argue about that one.)

Regardless, it’s a pretty special number. So here we go with 10 Things about 10 (yeah, I know – cheesy).

1. 10 = 6 + 4

2. 10 = 17 – 7

3. 10 = 5 x 2

4. 10 = 20 ÷ 2

5. 10 = log21024

6. 10 = 1000.5

7. The number 10 is used 242 times in the Bible, and the cardinal version of it, “tenth,” is used 79 times.

8. There was a movie released in 1979 called “10” with Brooke Sheilds. It was nominated for all sorts of awards, but won none of them. I guess the movie wasn’t a 10. #shrug

9. The value ten written in binary (base 2) is 1010, two ten-looking things!

10. In ancient Rome, if a group of soldiers from a village mutinied or were found to be cowardice, they would be punished by having 1 of every 10 of the men in the village killed. This form of retribution was meant to cause a labor shortage of men to work the fields. This could possibly starve the village to death.

Which number do you want to see next in the Neato Numbers series? Tell me on Twitter!

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