A Halloween Puzzle: Rubik's Cube

Part of Wordless Wednesday

This is alli (lower case “a”) at my doc’s office, wearing her fun Rubik’s Cube costume. From the photos below, can you deduce what 10 color squares aren’t shown – 9 on the bottom and one where her neck is?

As a bonus – is it actually possible to twist the Rubik’s Cube to show the patterns of the five sides as she has them?

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2 Responses to A Halloween Puzzle: Rubik's Cube

  1. I love her costume!! So cute! There is 1 green and 9 orange squares missing. It is not possible to twist the Rubik’s cube into this combination. Each center cube on each side does not move (it is fixed) so the blue in the center and the back is not possible.

    • Lindsay, you’re brilliant!

      I was thinking that the bonus would be super hard. You looked right for the simple thing to start – are there unique middle squares?

      (Reading your answer and seeing your site makes me wonder if there’s a message in the binary code on the header…)

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