Multiplication & Your Breast Exam

Do you do your breast exam every month?

by glokbell | | CC BY

I’ve known enough women, both young and “old,” who have joined the horribly unfortunate club of breast cancer survivors. And I sometimes wonder how it is that I still forget every month to do my breast exam.

Especially when you look at the math!

5 seconds of breast exam per breast/month x 2 breasts = 10 seconds/month

10 seconds/month x 12 months = 120 seconds/year or 2 minutes/year on your breast exam


2 minutes/year x 90 years = 180 minutes or 3 hours

Can you use 3 hours of your life to do your breast exam?

And what does 3 hours of time gain you?

If you feel that tiny pebble when you do your short breast exam you can get to the doc quick. Which means nabbing that bundle of evil cells before they go any further.

Taking 10 seconds to do your breast exam means having a lumpectomy instead of a mastecomy – and possibly lymphadenectomy along with it.

Spending merely two minutes each year on your breast exams means surgeons can get that nice margin around the lump. It means preventing those damaged, multiplying cells from cruising your system and getting into other parts of you.

It means living longer. For you. For your partner and friends.

For your kids.

Cancer is the only place where muliplication sucks for everyone.

Multiplication is normally the bomb. It rocks. It’s cool.

Even if someone’s not good at it, multiplication give you the ability to triple your income. It lets you be ten times smarter than you were three years ago.

With multiplication you can love someone twice as much tomorrow.

But the multiplication that cancer cells do, destroy all of this.

So do your part.

Donate to the cause or attend a special event that supports breast cancer awareness.

And do your breast exam every month. Let your kids keep their mom.

The math shows that it only takes a little while to gain you a long while.

Do it!

I’m heading to the Houston Aeros Breast Cancer Awareness Hockey Game today. They were sweet enough to send me a bundle of tickets and I’m honored to help them raise money for the Young Survival CoalitionTomorrow I’ll write about the math in hockey!

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