Math in the Swimming Pool

I do math all the time – but this weekend I had occasion to get out the pen and paper and do some summertime math.

We bought a 300 gallon pool. It’s tiny. But big enough for two grownups and a toddler.

And it fits in our already overcrowded back yard.

But 300 gallons is a lot of water – especially when you’re trying to conserve both money and water (for the good of the planet and all).

So we thought that instead of emptying and then refilling the thing everyday (a serious pocketbook “ouch”), we’d chlorinate it.

But chlorine isn’t sold in “tiny pool” amounts.

We bought the smallest container of chlorine – and it’s for an 11,500 gallon pool!

So it was time for a little Swimming Pool Math!

I did my calculations with comments, so you could see how I did it (as well as be a little entertained):

I ended up using 1/2 ounce because my scale isn’t fancy enough to get me to 2/5 ounce.

Did you do math this weekend?

I bet you did!

And when you do math – on paper or in your head – mention it out loud to your kids. Just saying it in front of them helps create math confidence.

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